About us

 We source Pu-erh tea from small scale tea producers in Yunnan and offer it online to our customers, we can ship all over the world. We operate from France and we spend a lot of time in China each year, looking for the best Pu-erh teas, building relationships with farmers and furthering our knowledge of tea.

The website is managed by two young people in love with Pu-erh tea :

William Osmont, student of tropical agriculture.

« I am a young Frenchman in love with tea. Since I was a teenager, my life has been revolving around tea. I currently study sustainable agriculture for the tropical countries in France.

When I was 19 years old, my love for tea pushed me to leave my country and settle in Yunnan for one year. I wanted to understand Pu-erh tea, know about the way it is produced and meet the people who are behind it. That time in China was an amazing experience. I met many tea professionals and amateurs who broadened my view of the tea world.

In 2012, I decided to create Bannacha in order to share that Pu-erh tea culture with the amateurs in the West. I also wanted to get to know more tea amateurs, bring something to the tea community and get the means to carry out bigger projects after my graduation. The important thing for me is the connection between the tea producer and the tea drinker.

On Bannacha, I strive to give as much information as possible on the provenance of our Pu-erh teas. We want to build a bridge between tea producers who live in remote areas and tea drinkers who are passionate about what they drink. 

As the general manager, I define the global objectives, select the teas we offer, manage the relations between our company, the tea producers and the customers. If you send an email to Bannacha, you will receive an answer from me. I love receiving questions about Pu-erh tea ! »

Yubai, tea farmer.

« Hi everybody, my name is Yubai from the ancient tea gardens of Jingmai mountain. I love the beauty of this place and I hope you, readers, will have the opportunity to visit it one day. I would like to share the story of my homeland : Pu-erh tea in Jingmai mountain.

Since I was born, tea has always played an important part in my life, I never forgot the taste of Jingmai tea. But my real interest for tea making and tea culture started in 2009. A friend of mine, who owned a small tea factory in a neighbouring village, taught me how to make Pu-erh tea, months after months. This year, I really learned to select the fresh leaves and to master the different steps of Pu-erh tea processing such as weathering, wok frying, rolling and drying.

One day of 2010, I met a French boy who was visiting my village, his name was William. I was extremely surprised someone would travel so far to visit my tea gardens, this made me realize that I lived in a unique place and raised my interest in Pu-erh tea even more. At that time, my family would only pick fresh leaves and sell it to tea factories in the village. That year, I decided to make my own Pu-erh tea. I created a small tea processing area in my family house and every evening, I would go buy fresh leaves from the pickers and make tea on my own.

Making good Pu-erh tea requires practice and passion. The hard part for me was to find the customers, it's a long process. What makes me most happy is to receive good comments from the amateurs who try my tea, I want them to have a good time and feel happy during the tea session.

In 2012, William, who had just created Bannacha, offered me to join his team. I accepted with pleasure because I want Pu-erh tea to go beyond the borders of China. I want to share the tea I make with amateurs from all over the world. I want to make you experience the original taste of Jingmai Pu-erh tea. I am Yubai, a tea farmer from Jingmai. »