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Written by William le 14 january 2012

What is Pu-erh tea?
Pu-erh tea is a family of tea which comes from Yunnan province, in South western China. This tea is often compressed in cakes, that's what makes it immediately recognizable.
Pu-erh tea can be aged, its taste slowly evolves and gets more complex with time. Some cakes can be 10, 20 or even 50 years old. To make it simple, when Pu-erh is young, it is a green tea and it becomes a black tea as it ages.

How do I prepare Pu Er tea?
If you want to get the best out of your Pu-erh, you should brew it gong Fu style: with a Gaiwan or a small teapot. You can also brew it in a large teapot, like any other tea.

How many infusions can I do with Pu Er tea?
If you use Gong Fu style, you can brew it as long as there is taste. Generally, you can make 5 to 15 infusions according to the quality of the tea.

How do I store Pu Er tea?
You should store your tea in a clean and aired place. Keep it away from strong smell (cooking, smoke, incense). Pu Er needs to breath in order to age, hence you shouldn't put it in an enclosed environment or wrap it in a plastic bag. Just keep it in a corner of your living room.

How can I improve the taste of my tea?
Use bottled water, this will significantly upgrade your experience. You can also try different steeping times or use different tea cups. There are many little things that contribute to a good tea.

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