The cost of Pu-erh tea

Written by William le 18 february 2012

Pu-erh tea might seem costly at a first glance, this is just because there's a lot of tea in one cake.

Let's make a simple calculation:

-A standard Pu-erh tea cake is 357g
-For each session, you will use 7g of tea
-10% of the leaves are lost as dust, you won't use them.

357 x 0.9 = 321g of tea that you will actually brew

321/7= 46 

You can have 46 sessions with one cake.

A young cake costs 20 Euro on average

20/46= 0.43  

One tea session costs 43 cents.

A gaiwan contains 12 cl, when the leaves expand, you can only extract 10 cl of water.  
You can get 7 tasty infusions out of an average cake (Old growth tea can be brewed dozens of times!)

7 x 10= 70 cl

0.43/0.7= 0.61 EUR/l

An average Pu-erh tea costs 61 cents per liter of liquor.

Here are the cost of other products in France (calculated with the help of this website).

earl grey tea bags= 0.25 EUR/l
average loose leaf green tea: 0.5 EUR/l
mineral water= 0.36 EUR/l
cola= 0.8 EUR/l
orange juice= 2.0 EUR/l
beer= 2.3 EUR/l

Please, note that the actual cost per liter of Pu-erh tea can vary, you might prefer to put 5g or 10g in your gaiwan. More expensive tea tends to stand more infusions. Some people enjoy very light tea. With the figures used, you would get quite a tough liquor.

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